Architecture and Art, like Music - are our precious pillars of creative expression. These inspired disciplines of design and potential excellence are like the gift we return back to our worlds, and on any level of creativity, fun or profoundness.

It is awesome what people produce ... talent is continuously discovered and has no boundaries!

STUDY:                   University of Cape Town

OFFICE:                  Established in 1980, Cape Town.

PHILOSOPHY:           I find it very important to interpret what the client wants and requires. And, 

                               when applicable, to give a final comprehensive package, more than they

                               initially envisaged.

                               Furthermore, present day concerns such as environment, nature and future

                               values have become central considerations in this profession.

                               Spacious and principled design is always an aspiration.

PROJECTS:               Wine cellars and tasting buildings: Welmoed, Bottelary, Bellingham.

                               Hotel: Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West (original)

                               Restaurant: Spur - chain of steakhouses.

                               Residential, new, restoration and alterations in: Cape Town areas, Stellenbosch,

                               Franschhoek, Wellinton and Pringle Bay

STYLE • SCOPE:        Normally as per individual client requirement.

                               Fair knowledge of Cape Dutch heritage and Middle East architecture.

                               Artistic angle in architecture and specialized requirements.